CVT Privacy Policy

This privacy statement is effective as of Sep 1, 2023. Please note that this privacy statement will regularly be updated to reflect any changes in the way we handle your personal data or any changes in applicable laws. Unless stated otherwise, this privacy statement applies to all of CVT externally facing applications, services, tools, websites and other data processing activities.


At CoreValue Technologies, we highly value your right to privacy and are dedicated to safeguarding your personal data. We want you to feel assured that when you engage with CoreValue Technologies, your personal information is handled with utmost care and in full compliance with applicable Indian laws and our internal data privacy policies.

1. How does CoreValue Technologies protect your personal data?

Data Protection Measures

CoreValue Technologies maintains robust technical and organizational measures to protect your personal data against unauthorized processing, accidental loss, alteration, disclosure, or access, as well as against accidental or unlawful destruction or damage.

Data Processing Overview

This privacy policy outlines in detail how CoreValue Technologies collects, processes, and protects your personal data:

1. Categories of Personal Data and Processing

We collect personal data from various individuals and entities, including employees, potential employees, clients, suppliers, business contacts, shareholders, and website users. The categories of personal data we collect include but are not limited to:

2. Purposes and Legal Basis for Data Processing

CoreValue Technologies processes personal data for specific purposes, including but not limited to:

3. Sharing Personal Data with Third Parties

CoreValue Technologies may share personal data with various third parties, including service providers, advisors, public authorities, affiliates, clients (for client services), and other entities involved in our business operations. Transfers of personal data between countries will adhere to relevant data privacy laws and internal policies.

4. Sensitive Data

CoreValue Technologies generally does not seek to collect sensitive data unless permitted by Indian law or with your explicit consent.

5. Data Security

We maintain stringent organizational, physical, and technical security measures to protect your personal data, including ISO27001 certification, penetration testing, and internal security protocols.

6. Data Processing Locations

As a global organization, personal data may be transferred internationally within CoreValue Technologies.We ensure such transfers comply with applicable data privacy laws and our internal policies.

7. Sources of Personal Information

If we do not obtain your personal information directly from you, we may obtain it from various sources, including publicly available sources, CoreValue Technologies employees, contractors, affiliates, public authorities, public websites, social media, previous employers, educational institutions, suppliers, vendors, and third-party data providers.

8. Data Retention

We retain your personal data for as long as necessary, based on factors such as ongoing relationships, legal obligations, and business needs.

9. Your Rights

You have certain rights concerning your personal data, including the right to access, rectify, object to processing, request erasure, restrict processing, and request data portability.You may also withdraw consent where applicable.

10. Complaints

For any inquiries or to exercise your data privacy rights, please contact CoreValue Technologies.If you believe your data privacy rights have been violated, we encourage you to contact CoreValue Technologies first to seek resolution. You also have the right to register a complaint with the relevant supervisory authority or pursue legal action if needed.

2. How CoreValue Technologies Uses Personal Data on Its Website

In addition to the information provided above, this section outlines how CoreValue Technologies utilizes personal data when visitors access its website:

Personal Data Collected

CoreValue Technologies collects personal data through two primary methods:

1. Direct Collection:
This occurs when visitors voluntarily provide personal data, such as when signing up for newsletters, registering for forum participation, subscribing to services, or requesting information like white papers. Web pages collecting this data typically offer explanations for its necessity and intended use. Visitors have the choice to provide this data.

2. Indirect Collection:
CoreValue Technologies' website technology may indirectly gather certain personal data. This data can include:

Third-Party Websites and Programs

CoreValue Technologies' website may include:

Use of Personal Data Collected from the Website

CoreValue Technologies uses the personal data collected from its website for purposes mentioned in the section "For Which Purposes and on Which Legal Basis Do We Use Your Personal Data?" Additionally, CoreValue Technologies may use this data to fulfill information requests, process online job applications, and other purposes disclosed at the point of collection. For instance:

3. How do we use cookies (and other tracking technologies)?

In addition to the information presented above, this section explains how CoreValue Technologies employs cookies and tracking technologies:

4. How do we use personal data when you visit our offices?
Use of Personal Data During Office Visits

When you visit CoreValue Technologies' offices, your personal data is processed in accordance with this privacy statement. Specific information regarding visitor data and the potential use of CCTV in the offices is typically provided in the reception area.

Contact Us

If you have any inquiries or concerns related to how CoreValue Technologies safeguards your personal data, exercising your rights concerning your personal data (as outlined in the sections "Your Rights Regarding Personal Data Processing" and "Your Rights Regarding Marketing Communications"), please don't hesitate to reach out to us at We are committed to addressing your inquiries and concerns promptly and ensuring the protection of your personal data in line with our privacy practices and policies. Your satisfaction and data security are our priorities.