We envision a future where outsourcing is synonymous with trust, collaboration, and shared success. We strive to create an ecosystem where clients can leverage the expertise of skilled engineering resources without compromising on transparency, quality, or control. By continually refining and improving our model, we aim to become the go-to partner for organizations seeking high-end, flexible engineering resources.

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Join the team! We’re on the lookout for people that will mesh well with our chummy crew of geeks.

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While we tend to be very particular about who we hire—you must clear the bar both in technical and soft skill level—we have a soft spot for people who are driven, hungry for growth, and always willing to walk the extra mile.

In return, we nurture the talent we acquire beyond our expectations. We do our best to create a healthy environment and provide incentives. This drives unimaginable output for our customers

More than just a ‘tech’ company.

We’re not too fond of labels-they limit us. At its core, CVT is a company that runs on innovation. It has the drive to create groundbreaking experiences, and the eagerness to transform the world we live in.