A Seamless Technology Platform For Our Clients

We are definitely obsessed with our clients and partners. If there is something our experience has taught us, it’s do what you aspire to and do it very well. We are incredibly lucky to work with our clients from variety of industries and are ready to leave no stone unturned for them.

Xift, Location United Kingdom


About Xift

Xift provides you class protection against email borne cyberattacks. In a world data and privacy are the most debatable topics, Xift secures you and provides protection against Ransomware, Trojan Worms and viruses.

Shepherd, Location United Kingdom


About Shepherd

Shepherd acts as the eyes and ears of your building. It provides insight, empowers your decision making and guards you against operational disruption.

SuccessData, Location United Kingdom


About SuccessData

SuccessData is an Intelligent document processing solution that redefines how you can access data in the most complex unstructured documents.

DataShaka, Location United Kingdom


About DataShaka

Need help to manage your data? At Data Shaka their out-sourced Data Operations Team ensures that your data is always ready to go, fit for purpose and easy to work with. They reduce the hassle and provide cost effective solutions to increase your efficiency.

Zaura, Location United Kingdom


About Zaura

Zaura is one of the safest option to make payments. They understand hesitancy of people to make payments from digital platforms and are working relentlessly to make it easier and safer.

Deviance, Location United Kingdom


About Deviance

Deviance provides super-quick analyses of opinion. This technology serves useful in diverse fields and detect the changes contextually.

Voorent, Location India


About Voorent

Voorent brings you the facility of setting up your domain and even shifting your place, if needed. Their services and plans make ‘moving on the go’ quite convenient. They are your best solution when it comes to furniture and appliance renting.

What makes us their favourite partner? Hear from them itself!

Our exceptional team, attention to detail., commitment to work, this is how we set our performance bar.

“CoreValue is a team with highly skilled professionals with a high integrity approach, a truly trusted partner. It is always a joy to work with the team at CVT. ”

Laurent Louvrier

CEO, Success Data

“CVT is good at building up relationships with their clients and partners. They deliver an extraordinary software development and support. They are very responsive to our requirements. Highly recommended!”

Paul Tuson

Director, Zaura

“The team is flexible, they stay in touch with us regularly which allows us to implement new requirements on the fly. We have been able to achieve exactly what we wish to accomplish. We appreciate their passion for the product.”

Prasoon Sharma

Founder, Voorent

“It has been a pleasure working with CoreValue Technologies, they completely understand our nuances and deliver highest quality solutions. The company is hard working, thorough and committed to the goals of any given project. ”

Lee Burgess

Director, Xift