We keep innovation at the centre of everything we create and are constantly crafting experiences

CoreValue Technologies is a niche and high-end advisory as well as technology consulting company based out of New Delhi and Dehradun India. Founded in 2013 with an aim to build a tech hub and get high end developers on board to accelerate the growth of startup companies in order to deliver some complex and challenging software products.

More than just a 'tech' company

We definitely hate labels as they tend to categorise you into a box, CoreValue Technologies was founded with a focus on innovation and quality to create out of the box experiences. Our work and exposure have transformed various lives. We started with the motive to connect and transform the world of digital experiences.

Our mission

We plan to optimise our performance in the digital world through our solutions and lasting experiences.

Our vision

Here's a thing, when it comes to describing a 'vision’ we believe we are defining where we are headed. We are definitely aiming for 'better’ with a vision to be the 'best’. We want to reach our full potential and do anything and everything for our clients.

Our values

We live by our core values every day. Our beliefs are the building stones of our foundation and are strongly instilled in our relationships with our clients, employees and partners.

Genius Behind the Scene

Vinod Singh

Chairman & Co-founder

Vinod Singh, Chairman & Co-founder

Founded the team with a holistic perspective of changing the dynamics of technology in India, Vinod Singh has set a stage that has definitely elevated the landscape of our industry. A master of all trades: Vinod has worked drastically in the field of architecture, design, development, testing and implementation of large distributed applications. Under this all-rounder trusted figure, CoreValue Technologies has gained new perspective, explored new talents and created innovative strategies for various clients.

When away from work, his workaholic soul finds solace in poetry and explore ways to keep his creativity alive. He seeks out new locations to travel and keeps us going through his energy and levity.

“CVT is not a business for me, its a life style and a platform to fulfill my social dream which has been around producing top class leaders and guide them to excel in their career and generate a sense of pride. I wish to achieve this dream using CVT as a platform; that is why everything in CVT starts and ends with its people.
I also like to encourage everyone with high ambitions and hunger to grow exponentially to try and see if they can land in CVT and make the best out of this excellent opportunity.”